Router’s IP Address

Nowadays, everyone has ever hear about wireless or wired routers. is one of the most popular IP addresses which router manufacturers use as address of router’s web-interface in their devices. By using it you can get in router’s control panel which was installed in every modern router. Here you can configure some settings. If you have some troubles with connection, you can’t solve it without web-interface.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

What i can do by using IP address?

If you want to get full control under your router, you need to type in your browser address bar. You can do it on wired and wireless routers. The most of users use router’s web-interface to set up some settings.
The most important settings are Security settings, because of huge number of hackers, who can steal your personal information and use it in selfish goals. IT technologies don’t stand still, so security technologies level grows too.

Way of entering in

Your first step is visiting There are two ways how you can do it. You can write URL in your browser address bar, but it takes a lot of time. The best way is clicking on URL on our website. Here should appear window where you can enter your username and password. Do it. After that, you will get in web-interface. A lot of people have problems on second step, because they forget their identification information. If you forget username and password, don’t worry. Below we would tell you how to solve this problem.

What can I do, If I forget my identification information?

The best variant is resetting your router. To do it, you need find special RESET button on your device. When you find it, press and hold it for 20 seconds. After that your router would be returned to factory defaults. Find default username and password of your router by using our website.