Router IP Address IP address is address that provides users to get in their router’s web-interface. All modern routers are made with included by manufacturers software that gives you possibility of configuration your router. There are a lot of situations when you need set up new settings for your device, so let’s consider why IP address is so important for every router user.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

What you can do with

When you type and enter in, you would get in control panel. Getting in control panel mean that you have full control under your device. It does not matter what type of router you have: wireless or wired. Every router has special software, so you can configure it.

Every user should configure his Security settings, because it’s so dangerous to have unprotected network connection in 21st century. There are a lot of hackers who always try to catch your data.

How to enter in 192.168.2?

A lot of people think that this process is so difficult, but don’t scare – it’s so easy. You just need to enter Here is two ways of do it: manually typing of address or clicking on URL on our website. After that here must be appeared window where you need to enter your identification information. Many users don’t remember their username and password, so it’s necessary to get they. Sub-article below was written for users like these.

What if i forget my password and username?

Firstly, don’t panic. You just need to reset your router to factory default settings by holding RESET button for 20 seconds. Reset button is located on bottom or back side of your device. After that you can use default password and username which can be found on our website.