IP address IP address is false IP address. Right IP address is Nowadays, every router has web-interface, and is address of it. Here you can configure all connection settings. It’s provided by special software which was installed in manufacturer’s factory. It’s necessary to know it, because no one is protected from problems with Internet connection.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

What I can do with IP address?

Logining in provides you to get full control under your device. When you get it, you can configure all settings of your network connection. That is provided by special software. The most important settings are Security settings. It’s necessary to protect your Network connection, because here is processed your personal information. 21st century is full of hackers who tries to hack your network and steal personal information in selfish goals, so it’s necessary to use the strongest protection.

Way of entering in web-interface with IP address

If you want to get in your router’s web-interface, you firstly need to visit It can be done by two methods: typing URL in browser address bar manually or clicking on it on our website. Then here should appear window where you need to enter username and password. The most of users have problems with this step, because of forgetting identification information. If you deal with this problem too, recommend you to read sub-article below.

Way of returning my forgotten password and username

No one is protected from forgetting password and username, so it’s necessary to know how to return they. The easiest method is resetting your router. To do it, you should find special RESET button on bottom or back side of device. Then press and hold it for about 20 seconds. This action is required something sharp from you, because button locates deep in device body. You router is returned to factory defaults. Just find default username and password and use it. Default identification information can be found on our site in special section.