Enter in and HG8245, HG8247 set up IP address is used by private subnet class C networks. These private and corporate networks aren’t part of global network.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different manufacturers and different default addresses and subnet masks, but Huawei uses as default IP address and as a subnet mask in their routers and GPON terminals. This address can be used to enter in device’s administrator panel by owner. The most famous and popular routers with this address are HG8245, HG8245H and HG8247 models.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

To get on Huawei router’s configuration page, you need to open your web browser and type in address bar. Press confirm button and you will be on authorization page.

Some HG8245 routers use telecomadmin and admintelecom as username and password, but some of them use root and admin, when you enter on authorization page.

зIf you can’t get access to this address, maybe you have some router configuration problems. In this case, the best way is open your network card settings and find here TCP/IPv4 configurations, where you need to type address manually.

Simply put, you should enter computer address from subnet and specify Huawei’s optical terminal as DNS and gateway.

Moreover, better to connect your Huawei router using cable than use wireless connection before you enter in 192.168 100.1. Be sure you put in cable in LAN1 socket.

Huawei HG8245 WiFi set up

To set up your HG8245 router using, you should find “WLAN” tab in administration panel. Here you could see “WLAN Configuration”. Click on it.

Here will be hosted by your Huawei router wireless network settings.

“SSID Name” field is used to specify wireless network name in network list. Recommend you to set in unique in security purposes.

“Authentication Mode” is used to set security certificate. The most popular and secure choose is WPA2 Pre-Shared Key. Moreover, AES encryption type will be used as default.

In “WPA2 Pre-Shared Key” field you should type password, which will be used to get access to your wireless network.

Don’t forget to save done changes.