modem address

The most of routers use By using this IP address you can get in router’s web-interface, where you can set up all router’s settings, because every user has own tastes. Router configuration is provided by special software which manufacturers install in their devices. In 21st century, there isn’t devices without this software.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

Opportunities of using IP address

You can get all administrator privileges from your router by typing and logining. After you get this access, you will have a huge list of things that you can do in router’s web-interface. Access from router’s web-interface provides you to configure all type of router’s settings, but the most important settings are security settings, because 21st century is full of hackers and other types of cyber cheaters. You can configure your router whatever of place where it is located.

Way of entering in web interface by using

Every router has similar way of entering in router web-interface. Firstly you need to type in your browser’s address bar. There are two way of do it: type it manually and click on URL on our website. After that, you need to log in by writing username and password. The most of not advanced users don’t know them. If you are one of this user, recommend you to read sub-article below, where you can find step by step instructions of getting identification information.

What should you do, if you forget your username and password?

No one is protected from forgetting of password and username, so maybe you are one of this people. The best way is resetting your router. You need to find special button on backside or bottom side of your router. This button also named as RESET button. Press and hold it for 20 seconds by something sharp, because human finger isn’t thin enough. After that, your router lost all user’s settings. Now, you can type default username and password which can be found out on our website.

Better to turn off your Internet connection in resetting process, because if you don’t do that, there would be some trouble with connection after resetting. For people, who don’t examine in this topic, it’s necessary to ask about this advanced users.