IP address is used for entering in router’s web-interface or control panel, where you can configure all settings. You can do it because of special software which manufacturers install in all devices. No one is protected from connection problems, so if you become one of people, who deal with it, you could solve them by using router’s control panel.

To access your Router’s Admin Panel you can enter in your browser address bar or Login at:

What I can do with IP address? provides you to get administration privileges. You just need to enter router’s web interface by entering IP in browser’s address bar. After that, you can configure all what you want, but the most important settings for everyone are Security settings. It’s caused by huge number of hackers. If one of this people hacks you, he can get all your personal information, so it’s necessary to have good protection.

Methods of entering in

If you decide to get in router’s control panel, it’s necessary to visit There are two methods of doing it: manually typing URL in address bar of your browser or clicking on URL on our website. Next step in confirmation that you are owner of your device – typing username and password. The most of people don’t remember their identification information, so there is special guide below.

Way of getting forgotten identification information?

If you deal with that unpleasant situation, you can use the easiest method. You just need to reset your router to factory default settings. Firstly, find RESET button on bottom or back side of device. Then press it and hold for 20 seconds. After these actions, your router would be returned to factory defaults. Default usernames and passwords can be found on our website in special section.