Methods of finding your router’s IP address

Every wireless home router has its own Local Network IP address. If you know this IP address, you can get access to router’s admin page, where it’s possible to change necessary settings. Most of the owners forget to configure their devices.

Device just stay and share wireless Internet connection, but in some cases you need to change Wi-Fi network configurations. If you don’t know how to enter in router’s configuration page, you must know how to find device’s address. This article would learn you how it can be done.

There are different methods how you can find IP of your home wireless router:

  • or are the most popular router IP addresses, so you can try both. Just type addresses in web-browser URL bar.
  • Usually manufacturers describe important characteristics on sticker label and put it on backside of router’s body. Moreover, you can find hostname here, but you can use IP address to access configuration page too.
  • IP address can be checked with help of PC. It’s necessary that router is connected to your PC using cable.

Find IP address on router’s body

Take your router and look at it. Here should be sticker with main information about your device on backside. Find IP address line or hostname. There are a lot of different important information, which can be used by you in the future: router’s model name, firmware version, characteristics, default credentials, SSID and WPA2/WPA key.

In most of the cases you can use or IP addresses to enter in configuration page.

Moreover, address can be found in manual book, which was bundled with your device.

Find IP address using PC

You can check gateway in your connection details. Firstly, open Network Connections, where you can see all your adapters. You can right click on network connection icon and choose “Network and Sharing Center”. Here you need click on “Change adapter settings”. Moreover, you can press Win+R, type ncpa.cpl and click “Ok”.

Right click on your current Internet connection and choose “Status”. In appeared window click on “Details”. Here should be “Default Gateway IP” line. This is your router’s IP address in local network.

Using console

Launch console. To do it, type cmd in search or press Win+R combination, type here cmd and confirm.

Enter ipconfig/all and press Enter. “Default Getaway” in what we searched. That’s all!